​​​​Exercising regularly is easy. You HAVE to believe that or else it'll never be a consistent part of your daily living. My 10 simple rules for being healthy:

1) Be patient and set long-term goals

2) Get the sleep you need

3) Once you start don't stop (you can pause for 2 weeks max;)

4) Exercise: TOTAL BODY 3x/wk (I do Zumba, HIIT(high intensity interval training) and heavy weights

5) Aim for 10,000+ steps/day

6) Eat real fresh food 80% of time 

7) Choose your sugar/carbs wisely

8) Eat every 3 hours 

9) Don't eat a big meal after 7pm

10) Non-starchy vegetables, vegetables, vegetables and yes, sorry to say, more non-starchy vegetables.



​​​​​​​​​Laughter is an instant vacation - Milton Berle

Education and Training

Fitness Instructor Specialist - canfitpro*

Personal Training Specialist - canfitpro

Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist - canfitpro

Resist-A-Ball C.O.R.E. Level One Course - canfitpro

Zumba Basic 1 - Zumba


Public Relations Post-Graduate Certificate - Humber College

Bachelor of Commerce - McGill University

*Canadian Fitness Professionals is the largest provider of education in the Canadian fitness industry.

Joanna Lopez

Family is really important to me. This is my husband, Cam, me and our 2 kids, Evan and Isabel, at a salt mine in Cardona, Spain. Unexpectedly awesome!

​​​​​​​​​​My Story

​I worked in corporate marketing/PR for years after I graduated from McGill 

University and Humber College, always feeling like I should be doing something else. One day my mom said "C'mon girl, don't be scared...let's open up our own fitness franchise." Wow, I was scared but I said "bring it on mamma!" For 10 years I found my niche helping women lose weight and become fit. I remember well the exhilarating feeling I experienced coaching a member to lose 100 lbs. Motherhood kept me busy for the next few years but also allowed me to complete my fitness certification with canfitpro, the largest provider of education in the Canadian fitness industry. I began to train women to attain fitness goals which many claim makes them feel happier, as well as healthier. And it happens naturally - no pills (scary side effects), no surgeries (ouch) - just a smile from a "feel good natural high" that is also proven to reduce anxiety; and bring calm and clarity (I didn't yell at my kids today....smile!). I complete a total body workout 3x's a week and can vouch for a reduction in my stress level and a feeling of accomplishment which naturally makes me feel happier. My goal for my clients is to help them reach that same feeling. I have observed that the "anxiety boogeyman" creeps in if I miss any of my workouts! Stress and anxiety are parts of our busy lives partly as a result of  too many to do's as well as from our emotional baggage accumulated over the years. Besides exercise, therapy and meditation are other avenues available to help de-stress, so add these to your life as well. Being fit also means looking your best. I'm not afraid to admit I have a vain side. Heck, I'm half Venezuelan, the country voted having the most vain people some years ago (so it's really not my fault). I embrace my vanity as a motivator to exercise. The other side of my genetic identity is Newfie so I like to hear and tell jokes, be goofy, and laugh. So if you have any good jokes, never hesitate to share!

​​​​My Road to Weight Loss

I was my heaviest weight after the birth of child no. 2. I gained 60 lbs during my pregnancy. Yup, I ate too much and didn't exercise due to pregnancy pain "down there." I lost most of the weight after child birth but 15 lbs held on to me for dear life (the typical scenario...no sleep, little exercise and eating kids' scraps a little too often). When I was ready to get in shape, I decided to be my own case study. I knew that I needed to change my diet but I wanted to see what would happen if I simply started to exercise 3x/wk. I started slowly due to a previous injury and back problems and after about 3 months, I was walking 4 kms 5 days a week and doing 60 minute total body workouts 3x/wk. After 6-7 months I had not lost ANY weight. I could feel the muscle I gained but it was hidden under a layer of fat. Yes, it's true, you must change your diet to lose weight as well as exercise. So I started to track my food with an app called MyFitnessPal. I reviewed different diet programs and found the paleo diet the most appealing to me personally. I lost all the weight and could finally see my muscle (tracking calories - so annoying but so necessary). Now I take everything I've learned through the years and follow a meal plan that works for me + complete 10,000 steps per day + exercise regularly so I don't gain my weight back. I have an easy diet formula that keeps me from gaining my weight back - I would share this with you, of course! 10,000 steps a day + total body exercise 2-3x/wk keeps muscle that helps burn more calories even at rest, burns calories that might have turned into added body fat, eliminates body aches and pains, and allows me to enjoy pizza and sweets Friday night guilt-free (my kids favourite meal night - surprise, surprise). And of course keeps my heart strong and away from heart disease - No.1 cause of death in the world. I want to be around for my grandkids so I can spoil them and hear my kids complain that I'm letting them have too much screen time!