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Workouts change often = no boredom

JoLo 45 
time to come alive
45 minute workout. For 
you if you want to get in shape 
but the idea of an hour seems like too much. 45 is better than 
30 and it's your max time dedicated to


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Choose Your Personal Training Workout

All my workouts are total body workouts unless you specify otherwise. They include a warm up, strength training all major muscles, cardio and cool down. I use either body weight or portable equipment like stability balls, weights and resistance bands. I come to you so you can train in the comfort of your own home.  We only need enough space for a fitness mat. No home gym required...just you, comfortable workout clothes and a tall glass of water!


fitness assessment​​ 

One more thing for you to think about...

​There are many ways to workout. 
There is a lot of information out there. 
You have limited time. 
All health organizations agree on the need to perform:

CARDIO - raise your heart rate for at least 30 minutes to strengthen your heart and burn calories
STRENGTH TRAIN - to build muscle, for a toned physique, to burn more calories at rest, to increase  metabolism, increase bone density and avoid joint pain
STRETCH - protect from injury, avoid joint pain 

This is why all my workouts are always total body. In 30, 45 or 60 minutes you do it all - so all you need is 30-60 minutes 3x/week to get in shape. Running, walking and many exercise classes are not total body.

So keep walking and jogging but add 3 total body workouts every week!

I will follow the canfitpro(Candian Fitness Professionals) principles and make the workouts enjoyable, safe, efficient and effective. If not, throw me to the curb!





You choose a convenient time for you



Group Total Body Circuit Workouts

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I constantly research and use new exercises from industry publications, Canada's top fitness certification school - canfit pro, USA's top fitness certification school  - ACE, celebrity trainers and New York City's latest studios. 






Ready - Fitness assessment - review health/injury history, fitness level, exercise preferences, goals, current dietary habits, music tastes, and set exciting goals.

Set - First workout/food diary - a workout is designed following your fitness assessment and if diet changes are desired, a 3-day food diary is discussed

Go - Getting started on your transformation to the best version of a healthy you - convenient times, days etc.

One on one, partner or small group training​​​

You choose the music​​​


In-home Personal Training


Group Total Body Circuit






All 3 choices offer total body workouts designed for all fitness levels​​

Nutritional Guidance​​​


Zumba Classes

​​​JoLo 75 
workit & relax a while
75 minute workout. For

you if you want the

60 minute workout

+ extra time to stretch, 

relax, de-stress & 

reach your


​​JoLo 60 
time to mix me
60 minute workout. For

you if you want the

biggest bang for your

buck. You want to dedicate

the time and you want to

get in shape


​​​JoLo 30

in a hurry
30 minute workout. For

you if you want to get in shape and don't mind taking a little longer to do it . You may also

not be a lover of exercise

so it's 30 minutes or

none at all!